Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the tomato incident

back when we had that big storm, the tomato plants must have taken it the worst. they were heavy with fruit and had outgrown their six foot stakes, and when the wind and rain got to them it pushed them to the ground. in the following week we had to gently lift many of the plants back up and restake them, and untangle the mess of limbs of them and the neighbouring plants.
one plant in the further end of the bed had fallen back over, and when we attempted to lift it for the second time, the main limb snapped right off with about a dozen full sized green tomatoes attached. i pulled the branch and saved the fruit, and hit google for some ideas on what to do with them all. the green tomato bread sounds interesting..
we also got to pick our first legit ripe tomatoes, a couple little cherries on the vine. i can't wait until we have buckets of them for salads and fresh homemade salsa! good thing there's more on the way... speaking of tomatoes, i know i had mentioned earlier that the plants got far bigger than we had expected. this gives us ideas on how to design for next year. we know now that we can afford to give them a little more space, and we may actually move them into a further extension of the garden, and keep the closer bed exclusively for herbs and flowers. just an idea for now, we'll see how it draws out.

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