Monday, May 19, 2014

Sandy Shores Farm

greetings! we created this blog and community to spark interest in urban permaculture in Southern Ontario. until now, we had never actually come up with a name for our farm. as we would like to feature a look into other farms we have visited and plan to visit in the future, we felt it was a good time to finally giv'er a name. we are pleased to introduce...

this year, the garden in our yard underwent a great expansion. we've decided that we will grow each year, and this year's new bed would be dedicated to my mother. we made sure it would be built and mostly planted with the cedar mulch path installed in time for Mother's Day. regretfully, we lost her that Friday morning. having always taught me a respect for nature, we felt it would be appropriate to name our [currently] urban scale food farm after her, Sandy Lea.

we hope to inspire others to plant gardens of all kinds. grow food, flowers for the bees, long native grasses or big shady trees. mother nature would appreciate it, our grandchildren too.