Saturday, March 2, 2013

City Farming 2013

the gardening collective here at SOUP central have some big plans for 2013. one of our groups lost access to the biggest urban plot we had started in the city, but we will not let this discourage us. we will be doing some city farming this year at a variety of locations, some plots owned/rented by friends and family, some very urban concrete laden areas will be adorned by planters, and balconies and windowsills decked out with freshness.
 this year will be an excellent opportunity to learn to adapt to these different conditions, challenging us to produce fresh food in full sun, constant shade, and all degrees in between. we will be able to experiment with different techniques and species both in the ground and in containers and track our progress and production as we go along.
it's been a long cold winter, and much of our time has been spent scheming, reading and researching what we will need to make all this happen. our biggest challenge this year will be a school garden here in Niagara, it will be our first time building a garden for public use and learning. in the spirit of public learning we have been hanging out at the new library, soaking up some knowledge and ideas from the ever growing gardening section at the new branch of the public library.

on book in particular has been incredibly inspiring and moving.. City Farmer [Lorraine Johnson] tells a story of her journeys as a city farmer, and her story starts much in the same way as ours does. a very motivating read indeed. as if i wasn't already dreaming of building gardens every night this week.. i can't wait to share plans and outlines for these coming projects, so much to do!