Sunday, July 7, 2013

early summer fruits

first to the finish line, some pickling cukes! they started flowering not very long ago, and already these are just about ready to pick. we have a large supply of our own fresh dill, and will be trying our hand at makin' pickles. the next thing that will finish seems to be the bush variety zucchini, the plant has almost a dozen fruits taking off under it's enormous leaves.

i'm excited for the zucchini, i'll most likely trade a few of them to a baker in exchange for a fresh zucchini loaf. otherwise we are beginning to see tomatoes, and there's also quite a few mature peppers coming through. i was also surprised to find along the back fence that the wild grapes are actually producing fruit, we will have to see if they will end up being edible.

 the beds are looking beautiful, so far the cardboard garden experiment is going very well. there are next to no 'weeds', and if there are they are usually only along the edge so that they are easy to pull. there are a few blades of grass here and there, but considering i didn't pull many of the roots out, that's not bad. not a problem as of yet, and the vegetation has certainly become thick enough to shade out any 'intruders'.

you can barely see the path! but there still is one, it's a good thing i made it as wide as i did, or there would be no walking space. we will have to go through again and re-tie a lot of the tomatoes, they're growing so fast they need some adjustment. the beds seem to be keeping very moist on their own, they require no watering until the third day of heat without rain, it mostly stands up on it's own so i don't have to worry if i go away for the weekend. it's nice! there's a lot planned for next year based on this year's overall success, possibly including fruit trees and shrubs.

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