Monday, April 8, 2013

sprouting a salad

i don't have much experience starting from seed indoors.. i've only grown peas, beans, herbs and lettuce from seed in previous years. this time i am trying a couple species of tomatoes, a bell pepper and a spicy pepper. also we were curious to see if the bean and squash seeds from last year are still viable so we threw some on the seeding trays with the peppers and tomatoes.

they lived! i wasn't sure if the beans would still be good, many of the seed packets that we were given last year we didn't get the chance to use and they weren't stored in any extraordinarily careful conditions. we were happy to see after a few days a few sprouts pushing their way out.. hopefully everything we get to sprout will survive the move and the timing, we will have to leave them outdoors in early May as there isn't anywhere indoors to keep them at the new place. we will ahve to get creative and build them something to let the sun in and keep the frost out.

our lettuce mix is looking happier and stronger each day. it will be the first fresh crop to be ready for the season, and we're eager to dig in.. i'm thinking of picking up some herbs to start next, like mint and thyme and perhaps some parsely and a few chives... the possibilities are endless. we're so grateful that we will end up having a yard this year to grow in, and we move just in time to begin after the last frost. so excited!

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